Well today was the last day for the current leadership team of of BNI Cookson and they went out with a bang and all of South Tyneside must have heard it!

Not only did we have a brilliant first ever feature presentation from Sandy and Garner of The Creative Seed Carnival, our members passed 30 referrals between each other and Andrew from KP Simpson, Certified Accountants gave a glowing testimonial to Gavin of PGS Law!

The HUGEST of all news was the whopping £82,033 in the Thank You for the Business box, which means that BNI Cookson passed the £1,000,000 for 2015/16!!! Well done to all our members, we may just be 24 businesses who meet in South Shields but by jove, we’re making a lot of money! Why wouldn’t any business not want to be part of this!

Finally we’d like to say a big thank you to Gavin of PGS Law, Dave of The Way Forward North East and Joanne of Howe Consultancy for their brilliant leadership over the passed year and everything that they have done for the chapter!